Monday, July 19, 2010


I am terrible at finishing things. Zach and I joke about the 80% rule. My family is awesome at starting. Pretty good with middles, but that last 20%. Ha!

With the table decorations it's not just the 80% rule but also the problem of knowing when any project is really complete. One of the things I've done a poor job during this wedding prep is finishing a project completely so that I can move on both physically but much more importantly mentally. Yes there is a need artistically to sort of ruminate on things but rumination needs to be followed by decisive action. Decisive action with a finish. Not a decisive action with a partial finish but I just have this one more tiny thing I need to figure out. That causes momentary feelings of accomplishment followed by anxiety until the task is actually finished.

So by Wednesday evening, table bouquets will be complete. That final vase that needs spray paint? Well if it doesn't get spray painted by Wednesday, then that's 100% how it will be on August 14th. This or that should have had more or less of this or that flower? Nope. Sorry. Boutonniere finishing time. This week is dedicated to tables. Next week is dedicated to the final touches on jewelry, clothing, flowers, etc for the wedding party. The week after that programs, vows and final decisions.

No I am not freaking out.*

*yes I am.

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