Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cupcake Garland (Via Style Me Pretty)

I love the versatility of cupcake liners. Here is a great example photographed by Red Ribbon Studio of a cupcake garland.

(via Style me Pretty Galleries)

Cake x 5 (Via RitzyBee)

This take on cake really appeals to me. It has stacks. It has a mix and match quality due to different patterns on the cakes. It' snot a traditional wedding cake so you know, no one had to die for you to pay for it. You know, stuff like that.

Did I mention we still need to figure out cake? Hiiilarious.

Edible Edible (via Bakerella)

This is genius. GENIUS! I love it when things come in other things you can eat.

These are happening some day. I don't know when, but some day these will exist inside the KZP household. And you will be invited.

(Blog Trail: Lonely Pie, Bakerella)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plastic Perfection

Oh my God. This may actually make it so I can still open pickle jars when I'm 35...b/c at the rate I was going, it wasn't looking so good.

(Just tested it. And it's ppppuuuuuure awesome.)

Source: Best Money You've Ever Spent.

Flag Testing (my own)

This was last night's activity and it's being tested as we speak.

Here's a question though:
Should I try and keep with the general (and at this point it's very very general) colors of the rest of the wedding? Jewel tones? Navy blue? Or should I just use whatever fabric I have that looks good together?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Flags! (my own)

Here are the flags I'm working on. I'm not sure why the colors are so strange in this... overexposed perhaps but this is the general feel.

A-ha! (Via Once Wed)

This is all the proof a girl needs for her mother (and grandmother) that mix and match bridesmaid dresses do in fact look awesome.

I speak for all of us when I say, thank you Tom and Nichole for helping us on that one.

Photography: Josh Goleman
(Via: Once Wed)

Sweet Wedding (via Style Me Pretty)

There are so many wedding pictures on the blogs that blur the line between magazine spread and real life wedding. Don't get me wrong, I love love (LOVE) the magazine like ones, but it does make it even more refreshing to see an event that really feels like it could be Z's and mine. Handmade. Homey.

Photography: David Newkirk and Jenny Moloney. (Via Style Me Pretty)


Good weekend. I may have destroyed my shoulders with the power of the sun (it's sort of amazing how a sun hat protects your face. I am now living proof to that) but I got major sh*t done. Also my pinkie is still numb from excessive spray paint use.

Friday, June 25, 2010

No I did not just spray paint a bit of my Mom's lawn white. What are you talking about?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glitter! Edible! Sugar! (oh my) (Via Frenchie and Flea)

This is so cute. (Also, I now have a new blog to love.) Be watching for these on your doorstep Valentines Day 2011.

And while yes, you can't beat pink edible sparkles, the arrow that shot me was the lace on pink card stock top. 

Thank you Frenchie and Flea. You made my day.

Japanese Tape and Vellum

Doesn't this seem like it could somehow be made into a guest book? I don't know how but just somehow.

Lovely image from the always lovely images of A Creative Mint.

Burlap Banners (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Burlap is great. I always find it hard to work with but I think it just means I'm going a bit too cheap. There is a graph with cheap on one axis and unruliness on the other. Funkyshique has clearly figured out the graph. Awesome awesome banners available at her etsy shop.

(Via: Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Table Flags (via Ruffled)

Originally I had planned to have flag garlands EVERYWHERE. Then life happened. I'd still like them a couple places like the ceremony site and running along horizontal beams. I'd also really like them to be the main decoration along food and drink tables ('cause there ain't going to be flowers), and seeing this image from Amy and Warren's wedding gives me hope. It also makes me realize I don't think I ordered table cloths specifically for the long tables. You know, whatever.

Photography: MegRuth Photography
Via: Ruffled

Men's Clothing

So we may try (*may*) have the men wear different blue shirts but with the same tie. The tie on the left looks like it'd match pretty well (pretty well ish) with what the women are wearing.)

We're trying to keep what we buy low but if the men can just use a shirt they already may work. It also may not.

I'm so (soooo) that person who's at the back of  a wedding going, "They tried..and it didn't work." I'd hate to be at my own wedding! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday's Bounty

(Bounty seems like strong word. More like the source of my currently very very tired forearms.)

All right. Red wine? Check. Painted test vase? Check. Stash of hot glue? Check. Hot glue gun and scissors? Check. Hours and hours to make 15 tulle half poms? Hell yeah check!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here we go. Seven weekends between us and the wedding. Amazing. Amazing excited and amazing holy-wow-there's-some-work-to-do.

For the next two weeks I'm focusing as much as I possible can on floral centerpieces. If you stop by our apartment, I apologize in advance for the absolute chaos this is causing.

So here are my floral goals for this week: (Finish hearts, half poms, Paper cone flowers, vases, centerpiece designs)

   Complete 30 hearts (TOTALLY Got this finished!)

   Finish 15 half poms (This took forever. I love them)
   Paint 100 half circles (Instead I painted 80 and then assembled the 5 cone flowers it made. Hmmm...)  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why yes, there was an absolute panic last night as I tried to fall asleep. We're deep in a work project and have been putting in 10 hour days on both the weekends and the weekdays for the last 5 days so my list of "things I haven't yet done" collides into my list of, "oh my God the house is trashed" and "when do I get to exercise again?"

Those aren't really lists, but yeah. Yeah.

So I'm pushing it all out of my mind for 2 more days and when work has subsided, I will put my nose to the ground? the stone? Wherever noses go to get major shit done before diving into another week of 10-12 hour work days right before marriage.

So, all who read this, please forgive me for taking a bit longer to get back to emails. I think we're entering home stretch territory.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tables and Cakes (by Amorology)

Such pretty table settings!! From the people at

This is from a photoshoot. I'm never sure if that makes me feel better or worse. Still pretty incredible.

Go here and look at this: cake.

(Via Style Me Pretty galleries)

Milk Glass (Stylish Soiree)

This table is modern in a way I am not but totally love. Simple palette. Bold stylings. *sigh* So lovely. Also part of the milk glass rage that may or may not be abating?

This is the work of Stylish Soiree for a Chanel photoshoot.

Pretty flowers (different angle from the shoot)
Another pretty angle: here.

Beautiful Table (by Carla Ten Eyck)

This is so lovely. Combines two things I delight over: patterned plates and rectangle tables.
From a pretty photoshoot shot by Carla Ten Eyck.

(Via Style Me Pretty galleries)

So much cute (via 100LayerCake)

Wow. Wow. That's all I got. No wait, no it isn't. Check out those bookshelves! So adorable. Table numbers! It's a photoshoot, I know. They get to spend hundreds of hours on a few select pieces but this shoot designed by Honey and Poppies is stellar. Go check out the photos on 100LayerCake. Delightful.

(Via 100LayerCake)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Program/Bout (via Once Wed)

I'm now obviously thinking about programs and boutonnieres (DAMN YOU FRENCH SPELLING.) These images are from Alix Klingenberg Photography of Sarah and Israel's wedding. I've seen some lovely wedding photography perusing the blogs, but I have never seen someone catch the moments quite like Alix. I know the couple must just be this way, but the photograph of Israel putting the ring on Sarah's finger or them looking at each other as the walk down the isle. You know, who cares about anything else when you have that.

(Via OnceWed, Alix Klingenberg Photography)

Cranes! (via Once Wed)

A lot of love and hard work went into this installation of cranes at Clover and Trae's wedding. What an awesome shot by photographer Jenny Ebert Photography.

Blog trail: Once Wed via Brooklyn Bride)

Pom Bout (via Wedding Chicks)

At some point, we will actually have an idea for what the men are wearing. (Oh that.) Until then, it's time to start assessing boutonnieres. (Which, btw, is the hardest word to spell in the entire wedding language.)

This boutonniere is from the lovely backyard wedding of Lauren and Keanan. I could make something like this out of a string pom.
(Via WeddingChicks)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sometimes you see something online and think, "I really like that. I should get that." And then sometimes you do!

Good story, huh? This lovely print by Olivia Jeffries is heading my way.

(Via Tea for Joy)