Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why yes, there was an absolute panic last night as I tried to fall asleep. We're deep in a work project and have been putting in 10 hour days on both the weekends and the weekdays for the last 5 days so my list of "things I haven't yet done" collides into my list of, "oh my God the house is trashed" and "when do I get to exercise again?"

Those aren't really lists, but yeah. Yeah.

So I'm pushing it all out of my mind for 2 more days and when work has subsided, I will put my nose to the ground? the stone? Wherever noses go to get major shit done before diving into another week of 10-12 hour work days right before marriage.

So, all who read this, please forgive me for taking a bit longer to get back to emails. I think we're entering home stretch territory.

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