Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here we go. Seven weekends between us and the wedding. Amazing. Amazing excited and amazing holy-wow-there's-some-work-to-do.

For the next two weeks I'm focusing as much as I possible can on floral centerpieces. If you stop by our apartment, I apologize in advance for the absolute chaos this is causing.

So here are my floral goals for this week: (Finish hearts, half poms, Paper cone flowers, vases, centerpiece designs)

   Complete 30 hearts (TOTALLY Got this finished!)

   Finish 15 half poms (This took forever. I love them)
   Paint 100 half circles (Instead I painted 80 and then assembled the 5 cone flowers it made. Hmmm...)  

   15 half poms- And finished! (Man I'm sick of making poms)
   Paint 100 half circles (for paper cones)- Now I need to paint 120. (I think I painted 120. May need to rethink this plan. They are too labor intensive. Punching the hole kind of kills my wrist.)

  Buy remaining necessary table glass
   Finish designing centerpieces

Friday: Spray paint all jars
Saturday: Buy glitter paper (Ptown), cut fold flowers, maybe put together, put together my presentation for my mother and moth-in-law
Sunday: 10 fold flowers, make 5 cone flowers, make 15 half poms, Meet with Z's family and mine.

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