Monday, May 31, 2010


Glitter Ks and Zs

I may have blisters on my fingers after this weekend's use of scissors. There is a slight buzzing in my extremities that comes when I know I've used my hands too hard. Cutting card stock kills my right hand. Cutting flowers kills my left.

I had a total freak out (total) today around 2PM. Luckily I pulled myself out of one of the rooms I was holding up in and talked it out with Z. The problem I was (am?) having is that nothing ever feels 100% finished. Only when something is 100% finished can I take it 100% off my list. Only then can I stop thinking about it. So then even small progress feels like absolutely zero progress.

Tables (by me) Try 3

Not the best picture but it would be atop a cream under table cloth with a brown table cloth on top and then maybe even a square of fabric (or burlap) under the small display.

This one accomplishes a lot of what I'd like including grouping of sorts. It's not super lush but lush may be hard to get when you're using fabric flowers.

I also really like that it uses my books...b/c lord knows I have a lot of them. (The book use really cracks Z up as well. It's like a sarcastic, "Oh great. You may not read them but you're still finding use for them.")

If this is how we go (and it's looking that way) then I may have all the triangle flowers I need. This is kind of an overwhelming possibility. (Overwhelming in the good way.)

Friday, May 28, 2010


Guess what?! There will be hot food at our wedding! There may not be tables on which to put hot food but we have the receipt in hand for serving trays of all sorts including the largest salad bowl I have ever set my eyes on. Rock!

Rentals are a bit less exciting (a bit more overwhelming) when they come with a $1300 price tag. But we're one step closer to having chairs!

Cloth Menu Tags

So cute! Cloth menu tags. I haven't had much success with the iron-ons but its probably like everything else. You just gotta try it a few times to get the hang of it.

Tutorial from 100 Layer Cake guest blogger, Mika 78.

(Via 100LayerCake)

Japanese Masking Tape

This frame is from a little DIY tutorial from Holly Becker over at one of my favorite design blogs Decor8. She took IKEA frames and Japanese tape. (I loooove this stuff and while I have a bunch of it, will be collecting more I'm sure!)

These could be made as drink signage. Tea! Coffee! Or just to put around a very cool Jennifer Davis print as Holly did in her post. (Check out her chicken print!)

(Blog Trail: I Do It Yourself, Decor8.)

Couch Card (by Me)

Here's the card I made for Marc and Lin's wedding. I have a bad tendency to panic in the face of wedding cards. But slowly (slowly) I'm getting better at this. In this case with Z's help because he lovingly reminded me that I normally panic a day before we leave. Plus Marc and Lin made it easy b/c as soon as I saw their registry couch I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

Ruffle Belt (Via Rachel of Heart of Light)

I need to start getting to work on dress alterations. I'm having mixed feelings about some of the things I want to try. I need to get advice but I'm a little worried I look like a fool, which makes me both need advice but also worried about getting it. :)

Something like this belt could work really well as a ruffly strap. This is the clever work of Rachel from Heart of Light blog.

The flower construction is similar to a type I've been doing for bouquets.

(Via 100 Layer Cake)

Grouping (via Style Me Pretty)

There are several ways to approach centerpieces. I'm sure stylists and florists know the right names to differentiate the types but I do not. This image is of the type I'm starting to call Grouping. I really respond to this type of styling. It's sort of a random assortment fo things pulled together through color or texture.

It's also a type of styling that I'm not very good at.

Photography: Lisa Lefkowitz
Styled: Gloria Wong Design

(Via Style Me Pretty)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birdhouse (via The Wedding Chicks)

Love this birdhouse. Can you imagine a whole bunch stacked together with different door knobs like the kind from Anthroplogie? *sigh*

This is from a super cute engagement shoot by Mary McHenry Photography. It's done in the couple back yard. Awesome color.

(Via The Wedding Chicks)

Random Ideas

Have one or two mail boxes set up around yard (in pre-ceremony and reception area) for people to put the photographs and advice we're asking people to bring.

I like the idea of having something like a random mailbox somewhere it shouldn't be.
I wonder if I could get an old mailbox (I don't want to try and make one) and put the Anthropologie knob in it like the birdhouse above. That could be suuuper cute! (Galaxy Knob, Anthropologie)

Great Details (Wedding of Steph and Edwin)

Glitter Letters! Cool centerpieces! *sigh* There have been a bunch of cool round tables in the last few days and I'm sorting through them. It's so hard just to make a decision and actually move forward. This inspiration helps.

Photography: Kristi Wright Photography

(Via Style Me Pretty)

Lighting (by Jennifer Lindberg photography)

This is something we could totally do. I keep forgetting that we'll need light b/c it will be, well, not light. 

Photography: Jennifer Lindberg Photography
Other lovely images from Molly and Alec's wedding.

(Via Style Me Pretty Galleries)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cupcake Stands (from Hello Hanna)

These create a really pretty silhouette. I kind of can't believe I said that, but I did. And they do.

And now I'm done.

(Stands from Hello Hanna via Always a Blogsmaid)

Picture Frames (via Wedding Chicks)

I love picture frames hanging from trees. Have I mentioned we are going to try and put mirrors on the trunk of one? I might try and do this in another part of the yard. Who knows?! I'm back to feeling excited.

Photography: Jasmine Star
Flowers: JL Designs
Design: Joyful Wedding & Events

(Via Wedding Chicks)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New England Wedding

Z and I just returned from a wedding of some friends and it was so interesting to see a preview of what we'll be doing. The grooms both barely had time to sit down let alone breath between everyone they wanted to see. I can't imagine being the center of that kind of attention. Kind of terrifying.

But man, weddings. You can literally reach out into the air and feel the physical movement of love. Seeing those two look at each other. Seeing their friends and family look onto them. It's so incredibly lovely.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Eat it!

This is an interesting resource for pricing cakes. I have an infinity to anything that has comparable images. Scroll down to see what I mean. Aptly named:

The Wedding Cake Prices Guide

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guest Book Alternatives

I don't really see us doing a guest book, so I'm trying to come up with some sort of 3D alternative. Two ideas at present:

1. Some sort of chandelier where I provide the beads or strips of paper and people write their well wishes and name on something that I will then turn into a chandelier. Or maybe they can fasten their individual piece to the chandelier at large. Not sure yet, but check out the third image down here and see that turquoise chandelier? Seems like one could make a version of something like that.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1 2 3 4

1. The messiest part of our giant wonderful bookshelf. No really the other 4 columns are tidy. Really. REALLY!

2. Lovely artwork by one of Z's talented friends Lori McKee. (She also has some super cool pendants based on her paintings.)

3. Wisteria! I'm so excited! The branch is from awhile ago and I love it but now I'm making wisteria to hang from it. The second one in from the right is the style I'm going for. I've made two more and am learning how to do it better each time. They are stylized. Really wisteria is much lighter than this. But I'm still excited.

4. A pile of wedding trial flowers.

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Liquors have begun! And by begun I mean Z bought 2 cases of vodka last night and 30 lemons. And many many many cups of sugar.

I peeled 3 stickers off lemons. And then I went to bed. I woke up to see a giant bottle sitting on our counter full of future delicious. It's like magic.