Monday, May 31, 2010

Tables (by me) Try 3

Not the best picture but it would be atop a cream under table cloth with a brown table cloth on top and then maybe even a square of fabric (or burlap) under the small display.

This one accomplishes a lot of what I'd like including grouping of sorts. It's not super lush but lush may be hard to get when you're using fabric flowers.

I also really like that it uses my books...b/c lord knows I have a lot of them. (The book use really cracks Z up as well. It's like a sarcastic, "Oh great. You may not read them but you're still finding use for them.")

If this is how we go (and it's looking that way) then I may have all the triangle flowers I need. This is kind of an overwhelming possibility. (Overwhelming in the good way.)


  1. Oh, I love the use of books!

  2. Really?!?! OK, that makes me feel waaaay better.