Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brought to You By the Letter N (by A Creative Mint)

Seeing this letter over at Decor8 and ACreativeMint, I just keep thinking about it. I think it'd be beautiful as a card but also as a garland. Make a bunch of Z&Ks or Z+Ks and string them together. Or a HappyHappyHappy banner. Cutting letters can be the most annoying thing in the world. But often worth it. :)

Ribbon Wrapped Bottles

I saw this Evian bottle the other day on Ffffound and thought it'd be cool to wrap a bottle in ribbon. Something like the little graphic on the left. Fill it with a flower or little paper hearts.

Programs (by Hello Tenfold)

As the Save the Dates are wrapping up (TONIGHT!!! <---sorry, have I totally bored you by this? I'm literally going to do hour by hour updates once I get home. Just to keep my brain from freezing. Must.Flight. Hulu.)... New sentence: As StheDates are wrapping up my brain wanders to other papery projects like Invitations and Programs. One program design element is how the paper is held together. I love the side hole punch and ribbon solution in these HelloTenfold programs.

See another example of the same cool design here.

Felt Envelopes (by Small Adventure)

Yes! Yes yes yes! These are felt reusable envelopes by SmallAdventure on etsy. Wonderful!

(I also love her fabric elephants. Adorable.)

Blog Trail: Oh So Beautiful Paper, Hello Lucky)

Fabric (and jeweled) Flowers (by Icing 101)

There may be a lot of fabric flowers today. This set is from the amazing etsy shop of Icing101.

Yes this is a purse, but can you imagine if a similar design was a card?!?!

Only 3.75 more hours until I can go finish our Save the Dates!!!

(Via: Something Old Something New)

Fabric Flowers (by Emerson Made)

Wow. Fabric flowers gallore! Beautiful work of Emerson Made. Double Wow.

Blog Trail: Ffffound, OhHappyDay

More Izzy Girl

This combines two of my favorite invitation elements: String AND Vellum! (Or at least I think it's vellum...could be a thin paper or fabric mesh.)

Another great Izzy Girl design!

Invitation Strings (by IzzyGirl)

I love strings around invitations. So elegant. This is the work of Izzy Girl. She has a new fan. Beautiful photography by Leigh Miller.

(Via: The Inspired Bride)

One Last Night

Will I make it? Will the SaveTheDates be finished* in September? Only time (like tonight) will tell.

Last night I got sucked into a bunch of Greek episodes and while I made my hands busy cutting out little flags, it's never efficient to do projects with the TV on. It's good if you have a monotonous task you don't want to do, but otherwise, stick to the auditory only stuff. (And no that doesn't count Hulu hidden behind a pillow.)

Also my studio has hit some serious level of disarray. I thought this wasn't a problem until last night when I was trying to find flag-worthy paper I unearthed about 20 owls I'd already stamped and cut and the paper I wanted to go with them. This explains why I was 20 short. So basically on a project of a 100, I'm at 20% inefficiency right off the bat. Hmmm...Lesson learned? Ha!

Tonight is going to be a long one, but I got to work an hour and a half early so that I can leave accordingly on the other end. Time to go buy more glue b/c well, I'm killing that stuff!

*Finished means insides only.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Botanical Play (by me)

I'm just playing around. We're not even going with something like this at all. I just needed something to do with my brain.

The image is from Dover. I have no idea which it's from but something like
Plants & Flowers as Ornament CD-ROM and Book or
Besler's Book of Flowers and Plants: 73 Full-Color Plates from Hortus Eystettensis, 1613

San Fran Wedding

It's a whole different experience to see weddings now that we're planning one. My cousin's was in SanFran. They had a Friday wedding with a very small set of witnesses, mostly family and close friends. Then they had a reception at a fancy hotel with all their friends and parents' friends.

Best parts of the wedding...and these are technical. Of COURSE the best part was being there! These are the superficial best parts.

1. Open bar with real bartenders.
This is the kind of wedding luxury that basically no one I know can afford. But wow. WOW. Wow it makes a difference to people who are interested in cocktails. Z was positively excited when he discovered what type of whisky they had back there. And the guy inside made a mean gin gimlet.

2. Intimate reception locations.
One issue I see (and that Z and I will face actually) is having not enough people to fill the space. All of my friends who have gotten married the past few years have done a great job at this. A few weddings I've worked, not so much. My cousin (J) had the reception in two connected spaces: a roof top bar/garden and an inside lounge/room/thing. The roof top was quite large. The lounge seemed like it wouldn't be able to fit everyone. It seemed almost too small...that is until everyone got inside. Then it just seemed snug and cosy. Great!

3. Super classy.
This wedding oozed class in exactly the right way. While you knew it was a different ballgame than ours will be, due to the locations, it still was so casual. It wasn't gaudy at all. No flash. But it was classy. As someone who's not totally sure how to do classy and casual this seemed magical to me. They had mini corn dogs as appetizers to the appetizers. They were carried around by waiters and offered with their own little napkin. Corn dogs! (My grandma had never had a corn dog before and had two!) And because it was SanFran while it was super classy everyone was still really nice. The staff was so incredibly friendly. Classy. Friendly. Casual. It was such a perfect reflection of the couple.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Save the Date inspiration (by Alvin Diec)

The side rectangle is in style right now for envelopes. I like it on all sorts of things.

This is the very classy work of graphic designer Alvin Diec.

Invitation Inspiration (by Kelly English)

How cool to open up an envelope and see something like this? Cards as pockets!!

Also this would just be a cool card to get. The happy birthday letter or note or whatever would just be slipped into the pocket and the person could use it again.

(Emily if you read this, you may get a version...eventually...b/c the card I have half done for you isn't, um, going so well.)

This is the way too cool work of Kelly English (via Ffffound.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspired by Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh

These great images are from a show by Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh. This is one of those shows that would have been so great to see in person. What texture. (happy *sigh*)

I'm thinking of photoshoots to do this winter. This would be a cool effect for rain. Also would just be a neat decoration hanging en masse in some little corner of, I don't know, some random event coming up?! What about a photobooth?!

(Via Ffffound, MyLoveForYou (go check out all the pictures!)

Inspired by Amber Karson

I just posted a wedding shower designed by Amber Karson, but strolling her site I came across the image at left. Made me think:
1. I kind of love Amber Karson
2. Replace cupcake with tea light and sprinkle around and you'd have the coolest little votives ever! (Cupcake wrappers sort of make me swoon.)

Wedding Shower (via Style Me Pretty)

Beware any friends of mine who put me in charge of any event prior to their wedding! It will be color coordinated darn it!

This is part of a wedding shower. So cute!

Every once in awhile I fantasize about going color-coordinating crazy on some pre-wedding brunch or something that weekend, but then I get my head screwed back on straight and realize that's crazy. BUT I can still drool and plot. (Insert cackle here)

More great images at Style Me Pretty. Amber Karson did the event.

Save the Date concept (by Decoder Ring)

I love the simple design of this business card done by the Decoder Ring design group. Could translate really well into a Save the Date or something inside an invitation. Maybe the front of a program? All sorts of things.

(Via Ffffound, DesignWorkLife)

Vellum Pockets (inspired by Gabriel Morales)

Vellum is a pain in the a** to work with but I feel like you could do some cool envelopes and inside pockets with the semi-transparent monster. Originally I wanted to use it with our Aug 14th 2010 stamp but the ink on that sucker would still be drying by the actual date.

I digress. This cool design by Gabriel Morales doesn't use vellum, but it sparked the idea nonetheless. (Giving credit where credit is due.)

(via Fffound)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Invitation Potential (by Swink)

Wouldn't a wedding version of this be a killer invitation?!?! You could send everyone a little cake, some tiny flags to hang up and I don't know what else. How adorable!

This is the genius idea of a Madison, WI design firm: Swink. Eeek!

(via Ffffound, GrainEdit)

Freya (by Freya)

I seriously love so much of what this artist does. One of her paintings keeps making the rounds where I visit, and I'm finally posting about her. Her name is Freya and she's fabulous!

Here's her gallery and her esty shop.

Vintage Feathers (via Oh Happy Day)

I think this could be done out of paper/fabric and would make a great card. Or just lay one down on each plate as decoration. Or slipped under a piece of string on a gift. OR! (just joking)

Blog Trail: Fffound, Oh Happy Day, Ebay where they were purchased.)

So that (didn't) happen

So that didn't happen. Instead I decided to go to sleep. (It felt so good!)

We head out for San Francisco today for the wedding of my closest cousin. I'm super excited. I don't know my extended family very well with the exception of this one cousin. Hip hip hurray for her long awaited wedding. (Which they planned in like under 6 months.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tomorrow, we leave for the weekend straight from work. This morning when I counted the number of Save the Dates I'd gotten to the 3/5ths stage the number was a not-so-whopping 64. I have 73 that are at the 2/5ths stage. I'm starting from scratch on 27. So tonight my goal is to get to the 3/5ths stage on the final 27. I'm not sure I can make it. Oh September, I may have let you down.

Who's not leaving the house next Monday through Wednesday? This girl!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tree Photography (via Style Me Pretty)

I like it when people use tree trunks. I'd like to hang picture frames up on one in the area where people will be eating. Picture frames filled with what? Maybe nothing. Maybe of botanical illustrations other trees. I have no idea.

I can't find the name of the bride and groom. :( But they were married in Woodburn!

Photography by Katie Anderson Photography (go Portland!) and featured on the ever so wonderful Style Me Pretty blog.

Stitch Invite

I love the stitching. This is another great lead from a WeddingBee post. The design is by Kathy Beymer, who has a very cool blog at Merriment Design.

This weekend I'll be by a lake and doing serious (hahaha, serious) thinking about invitations. Am I done with the Save the Dates yet? Heck no! But a girl can dream, right?

Mixing Cream Dresses (Ilana and Benjamin)

What a lovely combination of textures. This is from the wedding of Ilana and Benjamin.

Photography: Sugar Love Weddings
Blog Trail: BespokeLetterPressBlog via Seven Year Wedding)

Cloth Cupcakes (by Diane of ClothCake)

I do cards like this only with paper. Occasionally I've tried it with felt, but I love the cloth effect!

This is from the really cute Etsy shop of ClothCake (great name!).

(Found via A Summer Picnic Wedding)

Deer! (by Andrew Holder)

This is the work of Andrew Holder. I sort of love them. On my list of "In the running to be an installation piece" is the idea to do smaller deer heads (starting just at the neck..not the shoulders) and have them be paper collaged.

I'm thinking three of them, one for each of the 3 columns holding our grapes.

(Via Ffffound)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wait why are you here?

Last night I dreamt that me and some female friends were getting ready to go do something weddingy. Or maybe we were setting up some things in the yard just to see how they looked. But people started showing up. Like guest-people. I kept thinking, "It's not my wedding day! It's only been a couple of months since the engagement." But here they were, continuing to stream in.

Finally I realized there was no way around it. It. Was. Happening. I resolved to have kick ass decorations at our one year anniversary (b/c there was hardly anything at the current dream site), and I started getting ready to get hitched. This all happened around 3am, and I finally woke up enough to separate dream from reality. I totally breathed a sigh of relief and fell back asleep.

Moral of the story: If you set up chairs (even in a dream) people will come to sit in them.

Bird and Banner 3

Stitiching doesn't have to be complex to be beautiful. This is another great example of why Bird and Banner rocks.

(Found via InspiredByThis)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Save the Date Update

I love pigment ink b/c it's, well, pigmenty. It's juicy. It gives a good stamp. What's annoying as hell about it? It takes fooorever to dry. Tonight I had a little set back. Nothing major but I realized that a whole set of Aug14, 2010 stamps I'd done looked terrible with the card stock of the actual card. I used a yellow that in my mind looked less baby pukey than it did in reality. So that means I probably need to stamp (and cut) another 30 or so. That said, the green with silver ink looks fantastic. I don't know how much my stamp has left in it. It's starting to wear. It also really didn't like having to switch between the silver I used for the green and the eggplant I switched back to. Pigment inks are tricky especially when, like me, you are too lazy to clean the stamp between ink changes.

Phew! Enough craft nerd speak! Time for bed.

Oh! But I'm officially half finished with 27 Save the Dates. (Woohoo!) Only 73 more to go!

I succumbed

To Happy Tape! Go forth and drool!

(Oh and don't ask me what I'm using it for yet b/c I don't know. I was thinking about making it into flags for the SaveTheDates, but it's not quite thick enough so...)

Bird and Banner (Invite Sleeves)

It's funny when you start to see patterns in the companies you're drawn to. Here is the great work of Bird and Banner. They were responsible for these. These invitation sleeves are awesome.

(Found via InspiredByThis)

This would be a nice addition to a birthday card.

Let Me Take You Home (robot by Fold)

Too expensive for a large group of cards but definitely on my short list of cards I'd feel good about giving someone. (Yes I'm a snob. Pay no attention.) So cute.

Check out Fold's entire adorable line at their website.

Ribbon Programs (by Laura and Ben)

I like programs with ribbons up the side. Just saying.

These are from a super fun wedding of Laura and Ben featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine.

(Found via Ffffound)

Snow Storm (by Jeffery Rudell)

Our August wedding doesn't need a snowstorm but I love this effect by Jeffery Rudell over at CraftStylish. Martha Stewart showed something very similar many years ago in one of her magazines where you do the same thing but make colorful dots with a pen. Then you string them together horizontally as garlands. I found it frustrating because they'd come apart. This would be something fun at a New Years party or make red and pinks strands of them for a Valentine's Day party.

(Blog Trail: StylishEventsBlog, CraftStylish)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Third Done...probably....maybe

Apparently there isn't a lot of September left. I know that sounds ridiculous, but Zach and are out of town basically Thur-Sun the next two weekends. I still think I can get the save the dates done. Maybe not the envelopes...but what goes in the envelope.

Between last night and tonight I stamped and cut 69 Aug14, 2010 papers. Every once in awhile I'll look at the date and think, "Oh no I have it wrong!" And then I calm down b/c I don't have it wrong.

Side note: Z got me some really great ergonomic scissors a few months back. Ironically they are the only scissors that cause me major wrist pain. I need to be really careful about using them. That said, they also glide through paper like at least for this one part of this project, I'm risking it.

Random Ideas

Random ideas:

-Have teeny tiny treasure hunt in the yard. I've been thinking about how to make a few sheep out of wood and wire. Tell guests there are x number of these sheep in the yard and see if they can find them. This wouldn't be a formal activity...just something for people to wander around and look for.

-Make tissue paper leaves that are the shape and color(ish) of grape leaves. Weave them into the two grape vines outside my office window.

-I might have had another but it is now officially gone. Time to go home!

Sewn Invitation (by Ice Cream Social)

I saw this a couple months back and never posted it. A friend (who is also currently planning a wedding) sent me a link and after a little clicking I fell back onto the page and let out a squeal. What beauty and care. Why do I get the feeling that there is going to be some bobbin cursing in my future?

This is the beautiful work of Mary and Jenn of IceCreamSocial.

(Found via 100LayerCake)

Save the Dates: Try 3 and SET (by me)

I realize I had forgotten to post these. So these are the save the dates. (Click for a larger view)

They are going to be square despite the extra postage. The whole thing just wasn't working in the rectangle format.

The stamp was a test (top) but then I liked it and didn't want to have to cut out everything again. It just barely barely fits.

It's sort of loud and to the point. Maybe we'll put additional information on the back but yeah, there it is. This is how it's gonna look so only say nice things!

The top image was the test. The bottom image is a completed one. I'd like to stamp directly onto the card but it's suuuch a close call that if I mess up I'm screwed. Maybe I will try though. Maybe I could do embossing. Maybe I'm making something complicated even more so unnecessarily. STOOOOOP ME!

Not Quite Invitations (by Kathleen at Style Me Pretty)

These aren't invites, but I think they are a fantastic design for invites. Or programs. The two kind of blur in my mind right now.

Incredible work of Kathleen who is a contributing DIY editor at Style Me Pretty.

Found originally at WeddingBee.

Good Advice: Wedding Party + 1

One of my bridesmaids was MOH at a wedding this past weekend and when I asked her for advice she gave the following:

Allow your wedding party to have their significant others sit with them at the main table.

I'd never considered this. Of course! I went as a friend's date to a wedding a few years back. I felt like I was crashing the wedding in that the only people I knew were in fact, in the wedding party. Small talk has never been my forte and it ended up being a really uncomfortable evening for me and probably all the strangers I was sitting next to.

Brilliant. Thank you Ms.V! Noted!

Mason Jars (Laurin and Kenny via Style Me Pretty)

I love mason jars or anything that resembles canning jars.

This images from Laurin and Kenny's wedding are kind of incredible. (Check out the cake. Beautiful!)

The wedding is in two parts. For part one go here:

Save the Date Insides (by Me)

There is so much stamping in my future it's kind of hard to fathom. The Save the Dates have:
-2 stamps
-2 major cut outs
-a million tiny cut outs
-15 small and 2 large gluings
-2 large gluings

The invites may be less complex than the Save the Dates. Is that wrong?

Also I had the goal of finishing these suckers in September. I think it's possible. I also think I need to spend less time watching Greek on Hulu and more time, um, stamping.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jar Lanterns (by Miss Sprinkle of WeddingBee)

This is a great jar lantern tutorial on WeddingBee from Miss Sprinkle. I posted some pictures from her project before. It'd be cool to make a bunch of these to run along one side of our garage walkway.

Bridesmaid's Dresses

I just realized this isn't the right color. I forgot that Z wants to wear (and will look great in) a grey suit. But regardless I like this cut. Bridesmaids dresses:
This link should work so here are the vitals:
It's from:
Calvin Klein Satin Dress
213701 $148.00

I think the cut would look good on all four of my bridesmaids. Also it's satin. Satin isn't a bridesmaidsy dress fabric right? That's chiffon? I always get these confused.

Lighting (Kara and Andrew via 100LayerCake)

I'm becoming a little obsessed with lighting. Some future party at my parents' house is going to be all about lighting. brain is already churning.

This is the lovely wedding of Kara and Andrew. All the photos are by Aruna B. Photography.

Salt Water Taffy (delicious!)

I always forget how much I love salt water taffy. There is such a big difference between the good stuff and the mediocre stuff. The good stuff is fan-freak-n-tastic...and this coming from a chocolate girl through and through.

It'd be cool to tie together pieces of saltwater taffy. Make chords for people. I'm not really sure what you'd do with these but I like the idea nonetheless. Actually if you had a children's table (we're not I'm pretty sure) it'd be neat to make a table garland with them. Maybe ring around the outside edge of the table or encircle the plates.

Invitations (by Miss Apple Cider of WeddingBee)

The design on these invites is really lovely. They are the work of Miss Apple Cider from the WeddingBees. Near the end of the pictures there is a shot of the invites in the vellum envelope. So cool! I love the transparent effect.

When finding the link for Miss Apple Cider, I realized that I bookmark a lot of work. More to come here I'm sure!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Water is Fine

Some days I just want to squeal with excitement. I often feel this way about the project I'm working on but there is just something so ridiculously fun about planning a wedding. It gives us permission to just spend way too much time thinking about pretty flowers and solutions to pretty problems. It allows us to think about love and meaning and things we should probably be thinking about anyway but it gives us a vehicle to think about such things. There are days we are overwhelmed and days we are surfing atop the joy wave. Today is a joy wave.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Save the Dates: We Have a Winner

This week my goal is to clean my studio. But really you can work only so much on such a project. So around 9 my sights turned crafty. What started as a relatively clean table transformed into a fine layer of eggplant colored ink under a pile of paper, tissue and stamp parts. But I think we're really close to having an official save the date. It's way too complicated. All of my good intentions kind of went out the window. So if we weigh them and they aren't too expensive, I will go forward as is. Come Oct 1, I may have to reassess the design for the remaining count.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This weekend was a wedding weekend. Hours upon hours of driving for hours upon hours of celebrating. Time well spent on all accounts.

I grew up with a sour taste for weddings. Some aspects I still acknowledge. I think it's too much pressure on people. I think it has been tapped by advertising and now focuses on many of the wrong aspects. It promotes debt. But growing up the real problem I had with weddings (a realization I can only have now in hindsight) is that I didn't love any of the people whose weddings I attended. Not real love. Not vested love. I went because my parents went. Or because I was expected to go. It wasn't until I started attending weddings where I had an emotional connection to the events at the front of the isle did weddings change for me. It's made all the difference.

This last weekend Z and I went to our friend Clare and Gavin's weddings. We felt especially honored to be invited because it was a small guest list and we aren't part of their inner circle. But we've always sort of adored this couple. We've always known we'd be good friends if we lived in the same city. (They must feel this too.) Seeing the two of them stand up there and in their perfect way explain how a ring comes to be, I just wanted to cry in happiness. Hearing the officiant talk about marriage and community I wanted to yell out loud my commitment to their marriage. That even though our friendships were still young, I wanted to let them know that they could count on either Z or I however they needed as they start their lives and a family together.

At weddings, communities are born. It's where we commit ourselves to the family we choose. We will be what they need when they are prepared to ask for help and for when they are not. Community. I've felt that at just a handful of weddings now. (Hello!) Where you can feel your heart weaving with the other hearts in the room and all through love for these people saying their vows. It truly is incredible. Dancing (there was dancing) and cupcakes (there were awesome cupcakes) are all the delicious frosting. I walked away so happy for the couple and ecstatic for August when Z and I get to bring our community together. Can't. Wait.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Elegant DIY Wedding (by Allie and Josh via SMP)

I love so many things about this wedding. First, it's an Oregon wedding! Yippee! Also Allie's dress is one of those few dresses that makes me begin to feel a teeny tiny dress itch.

But check out this lighting: Elegant. We could do this for the dance floor of my parents living room. They have suuper high ceilings and oh so much potential.

Allie has a fantastic blog cutely named Putting the R in Mrs.

I will be spending some time in her archives.

To see the blog on Style Me Pretty
Part I
Part II

Hello Pretty

This is an image of pure potential. Or maybe these are the mother flags before they turn into baby flags. OK ew.

Not ew: I got all the flag fabric I think I'll need for $16 dollars at SCRAP in Portland.

I can't wait to get started cutting cutting cutting.

In other good news, Z and I both agreed that the save the dates looked really cramped. It'll cost us more in postage but we are probably going to go up to square cards. I bought some and tested one out and it looks soooo much better. Yay!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh. Right.

Apparently more of Z's relatives are saying they plan on coming out. I started to feel a panic. He said 150. I should plan for 150...what if it's more. Then I realized something obvious and profound and it has made me extremely happy. The more the merrier. We will get giant pizzas from all over town. We will have an ice cream buffet. We will buy cases of vodka. We will have dancing and marshmallow roasting. And it will be joyous.

Crape Paper Flower potential (via RitzyBee blog)

This is the type of bouquet I want to try and recreate (just to try) out of crate paper. Crepe paper? It's like I've learned the wrong lyrics to a song and have been singing them so for decades.

This RitzyBee post has some really great wedding details.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dress Finding Mission

Weddings are all about being the center of attention whether you like it or not. Recently I was talking with a friend about my extreme discomfort at these particular types of attention. Also, I don't really like shopping with people. Or I'm very very selective of who I shop with and what I shop for...and especially how much I spend. This is an equation that makes dress shopping (even my $150 dress) kind of the most not fun thing ever.

Well, a bit of brainstorming over drinks and dessert, Andrea (hello there !) and I devised a plan: scavenger hunt. Not really, but b/c I know my wedding party wants to be a part of the dress search (I can feel my anxiety rising) we came up with the idea of all of us going into a large department store and then going off on our own for like 45 minutes. We'd meet back at a particular dressing room with white/cream/champagne colored dresses but also their ideas for bridesmaids dresses. That way we are all trying things on at the same time and I can get their opinions on both at once.

Genius! And actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Little flags (by Somethings Hiding in Here)

I love these little flags from Somethings Hiding in Here.

I've been toying with the idea of people waving flags during the bride's walk down the isle. Originally I just thought this would look cool. Now it seems a little, I don't know, self indulgent. (Oh-yeah,-I'm-awesome.-Wave-a-flag. Gah!)I'm not sure we're going to have music. Maybe instead of flags we'll hand everyone a kazoo.

I still think the flags would look pretty. Maybe an idea to save for a music video :)

Felt Feathers (by Staphanie Congdon Barnes)

Oh fall! Here in Oregon September is still more summer like than autumn like but you can see the shift in light. Oh delight!

Also delight? Feathers. Fabric and felty feathers. These happy pieces are from Stephanie Congdon Barnes. They won't be a part of our wedding but they must be bookmarked and remembered for *something.*

Check out the Love Note using one of these on PrettyPrettyPaper. See the other cool things Stephanie has going on at her blog and her super cute shop.

(via Fffound, PrettyPrettyPaper)