Monday, September 28, 2009

San Fran Wedding

It's a whole different experience to see weddings now that we're planning one. My cousin's was in SanFran. They had a Friday wedding with a very small set of witnesses, mostly family and close friends. Then they had a reception at a fancy hotel with all their friends and parents' friends.

Best parts of the wedding...and these are technical. Of COURSE the best part was being there! These are the superficial best parts.

1. Open bar with real bartenders.
This is the kind of wedding luxury that basically no one I know can afford. But wow. WOW. Wow it makes a difference to people who are interested in cocktails. Z was positively excited when he discovered what type of whisky they had back there. And the guy inside made a mean gin gimlet.

2. Intimate reception locations.
One issue I see (and that Z and I will face actually) is having not enough people to fill the space. All of my friends who have gotten married the past few years have done a great job at this. A few weddings I've worked, not so much. My cousin (J) had the reception in two connected spaces: a roof top bar/garden and an inside lounge/room/thing. The roof top was quite large. The lounge seemed like it wouldn't be able to fit everyone. It seemed almost too small...that is until everyone got inside. Then it just seemed snug and cosy. Great!

3. Super classy.
This wedding oozed class in exactly the right way. While you knew it was a different ballgame than ours will be, due to the locations, it still was so casual. It wasn't gaudy at all. No flash. But it was classy. As someone who's not totally sure how to do classy and casual this seemed magical to me. They had mini corn dogs as appetizers to the appetizers. They were carried around by waiters and offered with their own little napkin. Corn dogs! (My grandma had never had a corn dog before and had two!) And because it was SanFran while it was super classy everyone was still really nice. The staff was so incredibly friendly. Classy. Friendly. Casual. It was such a perfect reflection of the couple.

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