Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Save the Date Update

I love pigment ink b/c it's, well, pigmenty. It's juicy. It gives a good stamp. What's annoying as hell about it? It takes fooorever to dry. Tonight I had a little set back. Nothing major but I realized that a whole set of Aug14, 2010 stamps I'd done looked terrible with the card stock of the actual card. I used a yellow that in my mind looked less baby pukey than it did in reality. So that means I probably need to stamp (and cut) another 30 or so. That said, the green with silver ink looks fantastic. I don't know how much my stamp has left in it. It's starting to wear. It also really didn't like having to switch between the silver I used for the green and the eggplant I switched back to. Pigment inks are tricky especially when, like me, you are too lazy to clean the stamp between ink changes.

Phew! Enough craft nerd speak! Time for bed.

Oh! But I'm officially half finished with 27 Save the Dates. (Woohoo!) Only 73 more to go!

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