Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Save the Dates: Try 3 and SET (by me)

I realize I had forgotten to post these. So these are the save the dates. (Click for a larger view)

They are going to be square despite the extra postage. The whole thing just wasn't working in the rectangle format.

The stamp was a test (top) but then I liked it and didn't want to have to cut out everything again. It just barely barely fits.

It's sort of loud and to the point. Maybe we'll put additional information on the back but yeah, there it is. This is how it's gonna look so only say nice things!

The top image was the test. The bottom image is a completed one. I'd like to stamp directly onto the card but it's suuuch a close call that if I mess up I'm screwed. Maybe I will try though. Maybe I could do embossing. Maybe I'm making something complicated even more so unnecessarily. STOOOOOP ME!


  1. I can't wait to get these in the mail. I'm so anxious! But no pressure!!!

  2. Haha! Only like 500 more cuts and 300 more glues to go and you shall :)