Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Third Done...probably....maybe

Apparently there isn't a lot of September left. I know that sounds ridiculous, but Zach and are out of town basically Thur-Sun the next two weekends. I still think I can get the save the dates done. Maybe not the envelopes...but what goes in the envelope.

Between last night and tonight I stamped and cut 69 Aug14, 2010 papers. Every once in awhile I'll look at the date and think, "Oh no I have it wrong!" And then I calm down b/c I don't have it wrong.

Side note: Z got me some really great ergonomic scissors a few months back. Ironically they are the only scissors that cause me major wrist pain. I need to be really careful about using them. That said, they also glide through paper like butter...so at least for this one part of this project, I'm risking it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, hate that! Your brain freaks you out: "is it the right date? Am I on time? is this the meeting spot". Oh silly brain!