Monday, September 14, 2009

Bridesmaid's Dresses

I just realized this isn't the right color. I forgot that Z wants to wear (and will look great in) a grey suit. But regardless I like this cut. Bridesmaids dresses:
This link should work so here are the vitals:
It's from:
Calvin Klein Satin Dress
213701 $148.00

I think the cut would look good on all four of my bridesmaids. Also it's satin. Satin isn't a bridesmaidsy dress fabric right? That's chiffon? I always get these confused.


  1. I get those two confused too. So what color are you looking at? I too think it is a flattering cut.

  2. Grey, purple, yellow. Not our official colors (b/c we don't really have official colors) but perhaps our unofficially official colors. Basically any color that goes well with grey.