Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New England Wedding

Z and I just returned from a wedding of some friends and it was so interesting to see a preview of what we'll be doing. The grooms both barely had time to sit down let alone breath between everyone they wanted to see. I can't imagine being the center of that kind of attention. Kind of terrifying.

But man, weddings. You can literally reach out into the air and feel the physical movement of love. Seeing those two look at each other. Seeing their friends and family look onto them. It's so incredibly lovely.
My favorite part was their ceremony. Z and I are in the thick of ceremony discussion. It's something I've considered very little up until this point. Ceremonies are just a given in my mind so I've never thought about how to engineer one. The individual pieces. The length. Etc. Our friends had a bunch of their friends come up and give short readings. The couple knew who would be reading and knew the authors of the pieces but nothing else. Very cool.

Other just technical parts of the wedding I thought were great was their staff. They had a great staff. There was never a line for drinks and the lady working our reception table was kind of fantastic. I know it sounds silly to say but the people working the wedding really knew how to do their jobs. Something I can really really appreciate now. (Aaaand something we probably won't have at our wedding :)

Also, they had two porta-potties. And this is where genius ensues: one was marked Ladies only while the other was marked both for Ladies and Gentlemen. So smart.

It feels a bit strange to assess a wedding like this so I'll stop. But I couldn't help but giggle in delight seeing when one member switched his Facebook profile to married. MARRIED! Ah yes. *sigh*

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