Monday, May 31, 2010

Glitter Ks and Zs

I may have blisters on my fingers after this weekend's use of scissors. There is a slight buzzing in my extremities that comes when I know I've used my hands too hard. Cutting card stock kills my right hand. Cutting flowers kills my left.

I had a total freak out (total) today around 2PM. Luckily I pulled myself out of one of the rooms I was holding up in and talked it out with Z. The problem I was (am?) having is that nothing ever feels 100% finished. Only when something is 100% finished can I take it 100% off my list. Only then can I stop thinking about it. So then even small progress feels like absolutely zero progress.

And like all projects, I keep hitting road blocks. I ran out of Paper Source glitter paper when I thought I had another roll lurking somewhere, which leads me to be angry at myself over my inability to find anything, which leads me to start cleaning, which leads me to absolute despair over my inability to throw anything out, which leads to a lovely little spiral that ends in me + the fetus position underneath a pile of blankets feeling guilty about wasting another day in frustration.

So Z asked me what of the projects I was working on could I finish today. He asked me if there was anywhere where I could find paper similar to the Paper Source paper. And with that as a singular focus, I drove off to the craft store and purchased $25 in glitter card stock paper almost matching the PaperSource roll. This actually led me to a better approach to my project and one I will remember for future uses. (Score!)

And after several NPR podcasts, I've finished the project. (I'm two short but my hands can't handle any more cutting so I'm calling it finished.) And I feel really really good about the day.

So the point here is that you (you means I) need to finish projects completely. There is something to bringing up everything slowly together but at some point you (I) have to have the mental closure of marking some mother f-er off your (my) list.

And with that! Time to gather picture frames for spray painting.

A weekend well spent.

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