Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grey and Lace Party Inspiration (via Grey Likes Weddings)

The inspiration for this shower/party/afternoon tea decor came from this beautiful wedding at Grey Likes Weddings. Shot by Blue Kite Photo.
 1. Table Trim Wide:  SL 57 Corded Lace Galloon with Sequins & Beads.
2.  Backdrop: Springmaid Sierra Paisley Shower Curtain, Target.
3.  Monochrome Mosaic Cup and Saucer, Anthropologie.
4.  Burano Tray, Anthropologie.

Table Cloth: Linen from a fabric store.

Top Table trim narrow:  3/8" Pearl & Looped Cord Trim. (I have two trims stacked on top of each other.)

First secure shower curtain up to wall. Run small white Christmas lights down in even sections.  Hide cords the best you can. You can use a table in any condition because it will be covered with the fabric. I'd probably hem it using an iron together unless I thought it was a table cloth I'd use again. I'd attach the lace with little safety pins once the cloth was on the table.

I think I'd make this a dessert table with tea options, which means the Anthropologie trays would all have small cookies and bars on them. Little mounds. I'd place the sugar and creamer in one more tray but place it perpendicular to the other trays. Stack the tea cups. The hot water would be on there too but not very pretty.

Not pictured here would be the fabric flower additions. I love the flower in the bride's hair. I'd make a bunch of those and have a couple laid out on the table bust mostly they would snake up from the left lower corner up to the left upper corner. If I put the Congratulations sign up against the wall they would gather around the sign. 

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