Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drafts into Design

This is the final week before my sister's engagement party and it will be a busy one. The cooking is the part with the most variables. I love cooking but baking comes in no way naturally. Also, I didn't take into account temperature. Tonight I tried to create the cake and cookie stands and well, let's say the glue needs about 10 degrees warmer for the MINIMUM bonding time. I'm trying to do everything outside under cover because the e6000 glue is pretty toxic smelling. Here's hoping.

The two pictures above are (1) the first attempts at putting actual dishes on the table and (2) tiny pound cake bites. The frosting pens they sell at Michaels are really neat but taste terrible. I'll make frosting for these bad boys to sweeten them up a bit. God I'm bad frosting.


  1. Everything looks pretty classy. You're all in danger of having a seriously chic wedding.