Sunday, April 8, 2012

Green Valentines (via Style Me Pretty)

For some reason I'd want to turn this wedding (photographed by Christina Diane) into a Valentine's Day party where instead of pinks and reds you have light and lovely greens. (Everyone in Oregon is desperate for a little spring by February 14th.)

I can't find the name of the bride (which annoys me about wedding websites sometimes) but she is clearly a crafty wonder, and she clearly has a wonderful eye herself.

First guests would get cards where there is writing and event details on the second page. The first page is white (cream, etc) with a single heart cut out so you can see some of the writing on the page below. (Image inspiration: top left)

Next each of the guests (which because it's a dinner party means there wouldn't be that many) would have a wire wrapped name setting.  Let's say at most 8 people. That's a lot of wrist action.

The table would have wooden boxes filled with felt succulents and small rocks down the center of the fictional rectangular table I don't actually have in my house. (Time to steal my sisters! Or better yet, throw this event at her house!)

And finally, as guests leave the evening, they would have tiny button boxes (!!!) filled with goodies and they'd find those goodies on a small table with a lovely moss (astroturf/felt) display. Instead of initials it would say, "Thank you," or our last name or be a series of hearts.

Photographer: Christina Diane
Via: Style Me Pretty

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