Friday, June 15, 2012

Feather and Ribbon Boutonniere

Boutonnieres kind of drive me crazy. I was in charge of them for my sister's wedding and I could not wrangle the live flowers. (You'll notice a lack of live flowers in my own's because I'm TERRIBLE with live flowers.) Stems kept splitting. I only had what was left over from the bouquets.

This is why I love boutonnieres that aren't based on live flowers. You can prepare them months in advance. You can pile them on top of each other. It can be 120 degrees outside (oh please dear God no) and they will look exactly the same as the day you constructed them.

The above boutonniere was made with a feather trim. This stuff (like this one here) runs expensive. When I bought it I suddenly understood why lovely fabric flowers are always so expensive. I bought Papyrus Designer Ribbon. It's glittery and costs $5.95 per 10 feet. The second ribbon is a simple ribbed ribbon found at Michaels or Joann's. Punch heart on brown polka dot paper. Hot glue. I think you could do all of these boutonnieres for a group of 10 men (maybe more) for around $30. This doesn't include gas finding all the right materials. Oooor the items you'll buy when looking for the right materials.

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