Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invitation Trouble

Invites are kind of driving me crazy. I'll just put that out there. The save the dates, while they weren't easy, they did come about organically. Whereas before I was totally unsure about them, now I love them. Oh invites, why can't you just follow the same path?

I think the biggest problem is text. On Save the Dates you just have, well, a date. Their purpose is a little hello! Invitations are suppose to convey the bulk of the information. Information = type. Tools I have at my type disposal are:
1. stamps I cut
2. stamps other people cut/make
3. stencils I cut
4. handwriting
5. printer

I'm not a big printer fan. To be fair, I haven't really tried that much printer-ing. But ooooh...I just thought of another possibility. What about image transfer. Mmm...? That'd be a lot of work but isn't a bad idea. Hmmm...must experiment.

But all the other ways of putting type down on paper are rough at best. None of them (besides printers and and handwriting) allow very small letters. Stencils are hard to cut if you want the insides of letters. So for example with an "e" you wouldn't have the little hole inside of the e. I'm bad at cutting intricate letter stamps. The stamps on our Christmas liquor labels are about as tiny as I can get and that, while I liked it OK, kind of looked like a crazy person's handwriting. (Happy Holidays?)

Tonight I am going to the fabric store and just wandering around. This leads to the second major invite problem: I want to include everything. I like stitching. I like fabric. I like transparency. I like paper. And in all of this I want to maybe start working in our still nonexistent wedding theme. Gah!

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