Thursday, December 17, 2009

Invitation Mocks

(Click for a larger view)

Here's the plan thus far. It'd be a 4x6 card. Outside would be fabric of some sort with a ribbon of flags encircling the whole thing. Inside would be a "pocket" made out of a ribbon and 3 felt flowers. The felt flowers aren't hard or time consuming to make but they look about like the ones in the image. In the pocket would be the RSVP card (which you all better use!!!), map, anything else. On the left side glued in would be the main information.

I need to go to Staples and dig around in their paper section to see what we can afford but is also pretty. There will probably be a combination of printing out and carving stamps. No letterpress for us. Letterpress is one of my favorite things in the world, and I am OK not using it for a wedding. Maybe some day I'll just own my own press so you know. :)

I need to design some flowery type image to go in the bottom right/left of the cards. I need to also figure out colors. There will be 3D mocks in the future. Slowly but surely folks. Slowly but surely.


  1. Looks promising, good job on the mock up!

  2. I'll be able to show you the test when you come down on Sunday. I doubt I'll have a final test (with real colors and fabric and everything) by then but getting close!