Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Someone Turned into a Bird

Last night I dreamed that some woman, not my real Grandmother, but my dream maternal grandmother, was hand picking the bridesmaids out of all my female friends. I didn't actually know any of these girls but Dream Grandma was picking them day of. Oh nice. Also, apparently Dream Paternal Grandparents had hired a wedding counselor who was a large religious (suuuper Baptist) man from Washington, and he was there (again day of) to do some wedding counseling to Zach and I.

We started in this little room and then I had to go run off for a second (probably when I witnessed the Bridesmaids issue) and when I came back, all I found was the man's assistant. He told me that basically Zach and him had gone off into another room to SERIOUSLY fight. Oh great. Somewhere in all of this our friends Clare and Gavin are there and they hand me something alcoholic that Gavin has made and Clare gives good advice. And I'm not actually stressed at all, b/c at this point, what the hell can you do? Nothing. You can do nothing. So I go wander off curious to see what disaster strikes next and I'm cool as a cucumber.

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  1. That's awesome, your subconscious knows that even if craziness ensues, you'll be fine. Did I tell you guys Gavin is brewing? If not, I think your psychic abilities are starting to show.