Friday, December 11, 2009

Invitations (by Hello Tenfold)

I'm beginning to worry about invitations. Not worry worry...but consider. I'm beginning to seriously consider invitations. (How non- committal is THAT?!) January 30th is invitation craft night, and I have to be ready to do them this time. I day dream of non specifics like "there shall be burlap! And stitching!" How those two combine for our particular invites? I have no idea. And that's kind of the problem.

But through all this, occasionally I stumble across some really straightforward invitations. And it reminds me that what I love is good design. And good design while hard to create when you're an amateur designer like me, doesn't have to be overtly complex. I have loved pattern for many many years and if our invitations were simply a beautiful pattern with all the pertinent information in a bubble, then that would be just fine.

These Hello Tenfold invitations reminded me just of that. Such lovely work. Straightforward and so elegant. Thank you for the reminder.

Hello Tenfold's shop. Ellie's work was some of the first wedding work that really caught my eye months ago when I was beginning this whole planning thing.

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