Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Invitations: Ready, Set, Go

I think I have an invitation design. It's both exciting and a bit scary. There's excitement when there are possibilities and now that I've made a decision (with Z's approval :) the possibilities close and the reality of what we have is now the reality of what we have.

But you know, I prepared myself for this, and writing this post has helped remind me of the strategy I put in place going in. I can still ogle pretty invitations. I love invitations. I love paper and ink. That doesn't change b/c we have ours now slowly curing.

Ours will be simple and lovely and us. It will consist of stamping and ironing and fabric and paper. These are all good things, and I will only feel happy.


  1. Oh, it sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see them =)

  2. Maybe less fantastic than they sound...but I'm happy to have a workable idea finally. :)