Monday, August 9, 2010

Attacking tasks: finished and unfinished

One of the challenges of doing your own wedding is staying organized. When it's just me organizing me, that's one thing, but as soon as you bring in willing hands, you (I) want to make sure I have things for them to actually do. I hate showing up at something ready to help and then have there be nothing to do.

It's such a delicate game though b/c on the one hand, I want to do as much as *I* can do before people start arriving Thursday. But on the other hand there are several different types of things I'm currently doing and some can't be done once it gets down to the wire. Here are the various tasks:

1. Designing. At some point, I'm still figuring shit out. Does this fabric work like it works in my brain? Will glue hold this together? What changes do I need to make? How would I prep this for mass production? What kind of instructions should go along with it.

The designing phase is one that often takes a couple of sessions over a couple of days. Maybe it can happen in one session but I am REALLY bad at designing if there is any one around besides Zach. This is something I have to do before people arrive. Like at all. I know there will be no room in my brain for any designing come Thursday afternoon/Friday morning.

2. Precision craft work. Folding certain types of paper is harder than it looks. A hot glue gun isn't a natural activity. There are some jobs that require a particular craft skill that may or may not be really important to the look and feel. I'm surprised at how many of my friends can really wield a glue gun (looking at you C and T) but there are times when I know I will be waaaay too picky, and I should just spare my friends THAT side of my personality and do it solo. This is something I am getting better at though b/c it's a fine line between claiming it as something I should do and giving it over to one of my friends who could also do it.

3. Non precision craft work (speaks for itself).

4. Mandatory labor. The crafts that *are* finished need to get out to their spots. The major components like chairs/tables need to get to their spots. Walls and signs need to be up and visible. This is labor pure and simple.

5. Not totally mandatory but it would be great if!- additional labor. This would include making more flags last minute because we have the time. Or creating some more fabric flowers for bouquets. In some areas, I did bare minimum, and if we have more time, it'd be great to get more of certain things finished.

6. And finally: Organizing. This is like designing. I love organizing, I enjoy it to no end but sitting down and creating a spreadsheet and thinking through the whats and wheres and hows and whos is a very particular type of thought and it works more like the designing. It requires a quiet room and no knocking. Organizing is what I'm doing today.

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