Monday, August 2, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Last night I sat in bed and I could feel my pupils enlarging with anxiety. Anxiety over what? I'm not really sure. It's Roving anxiety. I can feel it looking around, searching for something to latch onto.  Should it be the number of people at each of our 60" tables? Sure was about 30 minutes ago! Should it be where we put those 14 tables? Sure is right now.

I can feel my mind just trawling over all the little details that make up a wedding and assessing each one for it's anxiety viability. My dress, my shoes, how I'm theoretically doing this or that, the 10,000 things I wanted to do but won't for lack of time. It's a fantastic little game and I have a feeling it will grow in intensity right up until Aug 13th.

Oh yay.

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