Monday, August 9, 2010

Mix and Match Bridesmaids (via Style Me Pretty)

Good morning! Phew! The real countdown began two days ago. GAH!!!

To ease my brain I'm looking at pretty. Here's a great mix and match set of white bridesmaid dresses. Love it!

The bride and groom, Melissa and Danny, clearly have a great sense of style. The other pictures at SMP are great.

Photography: Ahsley O'dell
Via: Style Me Pretty


  1. Oh I like that! Very very cute. I like that they are mainly the same tone of colors... =)

  2. Exactly. I think that's key. I think you could more or less put any group of cute dresses together and it'd be cute, but it seems as a general rule for a beginner (such as myself) go with similar colors for different dresses.