Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Invitation Anatomy

It's not as easy as one might think (in this case me) to find a simple list of what you need to include in the invitation. Most websites address the wording. In that we aren't doing this at all traditionally, wording doesn't really matter. Or maybe it should but that boat has sailed.

So here's what I'm thinking is important:
Who is getting married.
•Time, date, location of ceremony.
  Reception to follow.

Inserts including: 
   •Map to the site.
   •RSVP card (where I will include a loving threat like Emily did on hers b/c that is brilliant.)
           On card: number of people attending. Maybe liquor choice.
    •Info on our hotel block.
    •Another card with all other information: Here I will probably be doing the seemingly untactful thing of talking about a registry. *gasp* This is the single most confusing thing I find about weddings. So screw it. We're talking about. And what we're saying is that we're not doing a registry. Here are our options instead and I'd like your opinions on this please. (Obviously wording will adjust.)

1. We want your advice. Feel guilty if you don't send us an anonymous ditty about how to keep each other happy after 30 years...or 1 year. With kids. With money problems. With whatever.

2. Please bring booze. We're doing this budget style but we're still hoping everyone gets tactfully drunk.

3. Please donate in our name to this podcast or radio station (probably Bill Moyers, Democracy Now, On the Media or Radio Lab, etc)

Have I missed anything? I'm not a huge fan of #3 even though I do wish more people would spend their wedding budgets on charity. At one point I thought #2 was the solution. You know, people want to help or they really would like to give us a gift and this way they can walk in with something in their hands...but now I'm not so sure.

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