Monday, March 22, 2010

Multicolored Bridesmaid Dress (via Once Wed)

One question I got a couple of times this weekend is about matching or unmatching bridesmaids. I like unmatching. My sister in law (who is also a wedding photographer) said that as a photographer she likes that more because it allows the bridesmaids to each show a bit more of their personality.

This picture (via Once Wed) may have just sealed the deal. 

The bride is stylist Emily Henderson.
 Photography: Gayle Brooker


  1. It's so weird how sometimes I want to be told what to do, and other times I wish I could just do what I wanted. In this instance, I wish you'd pick our dresses because I don't want to pick "the wrong one". But it is liberating that we have a choice in the matter and I can wear something that is flattering to my body, as opposed to something that "we have to wear cuz we all need to match"...
    I think sometimes I just lack courage to do/wear what it is *I* want to wear. So this might be my big chance...with Kelly approval of course ;) (and maybe kelly help!)

  2. Well, I might pick it for you. Or do final decision. Like what we were doing this weekend. B/c one of my goals is to get people into something a bit out of their comfort zone. So not that people will be uncomfortable but that they are trying something maybe they normally wouldn't (but in my suuuper snotty opinion should.) That reminds me. I need to try and get you into another long necklace. Bwuahahaha.

  3. I approve! I really do want to go for something outside of my comfort zone, which is why it scares me to pick my own dress...I might just go for what I always go for...
    Yes. I look forward to final approval.
    I want to do this again!