Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The List- March

There are two dates that cause me to pause: The first of the month and the 14th. The first because it reminds me that another month has started and we are that much closer to the wedding. The 14th b/c we are getting married on a 14th and it means I have exactly X months until Aug 14th.

I got motivated again today. For the first time in several weeks I've had enough space in my brain for wedding things. No more projects until after we move. I'm probably just saying no to everything in April. Carte Blanche.

But here's what we have:

A growing list of yeses on the save the dates. (It may be like 200 people.)
An officiant (as seen here):
Some fabric flowers.
Some beautiful half finished invitations.
And a venue.

So here's my list of to do's:
Save the Dates- finish sending off the final scragglers.
   Outsides- Finish assembling, making tiny flag garlands
   Insides- draw flags on main invite, create all the other invite information and assemble

   Find wedding dress.
   Find bridesmaid dresses.
   Figure out what the guys are wearing.

   Make sure we have them

   Fabric Flowers- finish enough for tables
   Make a plan for other decorations (like flags, or installations or anything else.)

Favors- Plan this weekend!

Programs- Figure out what needs to be inside and design.

Food-Figure out what we're making and how we're going to make it all.

Drinks- figure out how much wine and what cocktails we're serving.

Bouquet/Boutonniere- HAHAHAHAHAHA.

OK, now I'm off to clean the house. Cleaning is a big part of my year 29. Woot!



  1. omg, nate is marrying you guys? awesome! i didn't know 'officiant' was in his bag of tricks.
    hope all's well.
    ps: when's the next wedding weekend? i forget.

  2. It is now!

    The wedding weekend may change. Email coming soon :)