Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drink Label Genius

Labels are one of those last minute details that have you running around like a madman.  Print, cut, fold, place. Not to mention sending them off out into the world and hoping they get to the right place while you're putting on your dress. I found a whole stack of drink labels that I never managed to get past the print stage. I realize now this meant none of our guests knew what any of our drinks were. Delicious mystery!

But why don't you just by pass the crazy with this little genius idea? So simple. So pretty. Write directly onto the containers. And don't worry about sharpie on glass. You can clean it off with some warm water and Bon Ami cleaner. (One of our monoprint artists at work taught me that trick!)

Genius from the Tom and Jess (engagement) Fest.
Photography:  Stacy Newgent
Via: Design*Sponge

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  1. I love this idea! It looks so lovely! Especially on fabulous vintage containers like these! I have a thing for bottles and jars. I have them everywhere. Love your blog! See you in class lady! :)