Friday, October 30, 2009

Cake (via Martha Stewart)

Wedding cakes kind of scare me. I'll admit to that. something about something so big and so expensive that you can't really taste until the day of. I guess this is showing the true colors of my micromanager self. Like the dress at least you get to try on. And the dress you try on is the dress you'll wear so that's that. Cake?!?! I don't really have opinions on cake. My favorite cake would be a stack of baked lays or chocolate chip cookies in a cake stack. But I have people in my life who have strong opinions about cake. (Yes I am talking about you Miss. R, but also my Mom :)

All of that said, this cake rocks. Thanks Martha.

(Via: Style Me Pretty)


  1. Cake!!!! This looks SO delicious! I would approve of that cake, and honestly, I would definitely consider something like that, so simple, so tasty and yet elegant. My birthday cake was like this, but with frosting. I could do with out the frosting.

  2. Yay! B/c seriously, you and my Mom are who I'm channeling when considering cakes. B/c I don't really care about cake. BUT I care b/c you and my Mom care.