Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Play by Play (or Longest Poster EVER!)

6pm- It's 6pm on the dot and I just got home. I'm where I wanted to be at 4:30. But no, I didn't have my credit card or my driver's license on me so even though I left work early, I still had to come back to the apartment. That added 30 minutes. Getting suckered into going to Micheal's in addition to our local craft store added another 45. So here it is. Six pm and my craft table looks like it may have been the epicenter of something bad.

But I'm getting these monsters (said lovingly) done. I'm giving myself 30 minutes to clean my space. At thirty I'll check in again. Go!

6:30 Good enough. Time to assess where I'm at:
All but flags-26
All but flags, flags loosely chosen (this will probably totally change)-42
math math math 36+42= 78
Owl and front but no inside Aug 14, 2010-25
8- insides stamped

6:40 Finished my veggie puffs, opened diet rockstar (should have gotten 2)
I'm starting with stamping out the 25 insides.

- talk. Dealing with stupid work stuff. Grrrr...

-OK stamp, why aren't you working?!? You worked fine before!

: Standing in the bathroom with a hair dryer...b/c I'm vain. No, b/c I'm trying to dry out my damn stamp. Isn't there good tv on Wednesdays?

: For the love of god, finally.
I always assumed people said you needed to clean your stamps so that your colors stay true or something to the aesthetic effect. But no. You clean your stamp so some weird chemical reaction doesn't occur between your Platinum Planet and your Pearlescent Chocolate
(later) Woohoo! 12 successfully stamped of brown on polkadot green

- Zach stabbed his foot while making the bed (I hope it wasn't something in my bed pile!) Quick break to find neosporm.

Immediately don't follow my own advice and change colors b/c I'm too lazy to wash the damn stamp again.
-can't find ink I'm sure I bought.

oooh think ink isn't going to work. Where is that stuff I bought?

: Found it. Great. *sigh* At least Zach is no longer bleeding.

- Stamped! Now they need to dry and be traced and cut. Bring back the hair dryer!

Holy crap! You know what's magical? A HAIRDRYER!
(Note to self-Blog entitled: My parents are idiots.)

- all traced and cut out. Time to clean up and move to gluing them in. I'm in serene "I can get everything done phase." The phase where the caffeine is coursing. I haven't over eaten and I'm making progress. This is inevitably followed by the "Holy crap I'm tired and I'll never get this done" feeling a few hours later. Moving on.

Break for a snack! Rhubarb upside down cake!
9pm- back from cake break and watching an episode of The IT crowd with Zach. Table is clean. Let's go.

Best impulse buy ever!!! It's a dot glue applicator. (Also learned a Fordian Way to put on tape. Tape tape rotate 90, tape tape<---This is for my own notes.) 9:30- 21 insides finished and adhered inside. Wait, I'm missing 4. How did I miscount again?!?! Gah! Why can't I do basic math?!?!

- Wooohoo! Found a pile on the floor!! I can do basic math! I just can't locate things in piles.

Glad I got one of the glue dot re-fillers. 29 Insides taped and secured!!! Time to clean up the space and prep the next step. *Lesson learned: Do everything in stages. Get caught up with a stage and then move on. Between each set take 5 minutes to clean up the previous stage and prep the next. Makes that next step go infinitely quicker. (tiny bit later) Hmmm...just noticed that I kicked over my cards with the tiny flags inside. I guess I knew I was redoing that section anyways. I need to 1. Stop misplacing things and 2. Stop kicking things. 3. Learn to count. 10:09 Damn hippy music on kink. I hate their lights out program. It's the NPR equivalent of the classical music shows. Gugh.

10:30 Sigh. I've glued 6. This is going to be reeeeeeeally slow. Kink Acoustic isn't doing it for me. I need music! I also need a change of tactic. I'm going to time myself.

Three done. THREE?!?! I'm averaging 3 every 15 minutes or 1 every 5. W.O.W. Must change tactics. I told Z how long it took for each and he said, "So it'll take 500 minutes?" I didn't like his use of math so I went instead in search of snacks.

11:21 I'm cruising! Changed tactics so that I'm just coordinating the flags. I'll glue them in later. I'm realizing however that dark green is a really hard color to match with flags. And I'm beginning to seriously second guess my decisions. Aesthetic not ethics. Aesthetics not ethics. And repeat.

It's October and I'm faaaar from finished. Zach's going to bed and that always feels strange. I'm working until 2am and then I'm going to sleep. I'm bored numb of matching flags. I'm switching back to glue activities. I need to work a different muscle.

1:00 OK, my wrists are starting to complain. Kind of like me.

1:40am- Time to call it quits. Quits I say. I think I finished an additional grand total of 16, but I'm probably just another night away so that isn't *so* bad, right? Hmmm...craft table again looks like it was the epicenter of some disaster...but it's also kind of pretty. :)

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