Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So I'm back to thinking there needs to be a theme. Or something that makes things fit together somehow. The weddings I've gone to have never seemed to have overt themes, and I felt like theirs always looked really pulled together. Why am I worried about ours? I have no idea. In part it's because I see all these super planned weddings online. And they are beautiful. And they all seem to have such THEMES whether it be color or otherwise. It makes me worried our "no specific color" will seem chaotic. If there is a paper sculpture in the front yard and sheep made of chicken wire and paper in the back, will that seem strange? Maybe. Maybe not. I have no idea. If they are both green will it really help matters? Nooooo idea.

This may be fodder for our loooong ass drive back to Oregon Saturday. When we talked about it last night Z had the idea of Anthropologie Art Deco. I love him for this.

I do know that I am attracted to very specific types of weddings online. They are the whimsy feminine ones. Ones with flags and cake stands and pinks and soft colors. Probably a balloon. Right now that's not exactly the direction I'm heading with the planned fabric flowers and banners. It's more a color thing than an object thing.

I think it'll be good for me to get back home to my studio, paints and cutting board.

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