Friday, October 2, 2009

San Fran!

Zach and I head to San Francisco tomorrow morning for two weeks. We will be house sitting for my cousin while she's on her honeymoon. I'm trying to figure out which project I should bring down to work on. So many of the current projects are in the testing phase, which requires a lot of supplies. That's no good. Also there are cats so unlike my studio at home I can't just leave piles out with the confidence they will be in the same arrangement when I get back. So I think I'll bring flag materials. I can wad the fabric up in a bag and put all the cutting supplies in a box. Yes yes. Flags it is.

Still not finished with the Save the Dates aaaand probably won't be until we get back. I'm not hauling down stacks of cards with loose flags in between the layers. That is anti progress. :)

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