Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Possibilities

So the excitement is back. Maybe it's that we head home tomorrow, and I can feel myself switching gears. The Rocky music is beginning to play, and I'm suddenly very motivated to make giant letters out of cardboard. Er, or such things as that. Watch out living room.

Next week is the last week I have free before going into rehearsals for a local theater show. Suddenly 4 nights a week, until the beginning to December, I'm off the time market. The other nights I'm trying to catch up with laundry and life. It's sort of an intense time, but it's something I absolutely love. It also does an incredible job of streamlining my life. Because I have such limited time, I'm better about being organized.

That said, this coming week is dedicated to things like sleep and exercise AND finishing the save the dates (envelopes too?) I think it can be done, and I'm excited to try.

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