Saturday, April 10, 2010

Decision Time

Or not.

Weddings are all about decisions. You can think about this or that for as long as you want but until you draw that line in the sand, you can't move beyond it. You can get to the day of and have a lot of thinking accomplished and not much else. Or what I currently like to call: My Own Loving Path.

This weekend is proving to be a grand show of nothing. In traditional wedding planning, you decide with your wand. And this is not to belittle any of that decision making b/c deciding anything on a wedding I think is probably pretty tough. But you decide what you want the flowers to look like and then you hire someone else to make it happen. In this scenario the headache is transferred to the front end because you have to find the right person and deal with contracts and money and all of that. (No fun.) With alternative/indie weddings, you push it to the middle and back end. B/c before you make 500 flowers you probably want to know they work. So you make 20. And you try it. But then if they don't work do they not work b/c of the color of fabric you chose or because the design is wrong or is it because the vases are a poor shape?

I don't know. I'm not a florist. I'm not a stylist. And I'm realizing that not being those two things makes the process 15 times as long. And so you may not have to deal with finding a vendor, but you have to deal with yourself and your floral/stylist shortcomings. Time to call in the Mom. She knows about these things. And she'll tell me and help me create a plan...tomorrow.

OK, so invitations: hold. Centerpieces: hold. Website? Can we actually finish a website? Something? Anything?

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