Friday, April 30, 2010

Peg Board Boxes

I keep thinking I have a centerpiece and then I suddenly do not. I don't think this is indecisiveness, I think it's, well, from some other place. We came up with something we liked but we can't find more of the vases that made it what it was. So back to the drawing board.

Enter pegboard box. This is the bright idea of another Kelly over at Yes Please (via 100LayerCake).

When I first saw this post, I didn't think much of it. But while second guessing all things round table, I began thinking of this idea again. For ours, I'd put that green sponge stuff in the bottom and maybe make 3 for each table that are slightly different heights. Or I could attach candle stick holders to the bottom of the them and make them taller.

Then I'd fill the holes with our fabric flowers. One or two stems would each fit in the box. Then at the base (b/c we don't really have leaves to create fluff at the base of our flowers) put in scrunched up green fabrics or felt. AstroTurf? 

Ideas. Just ideas.

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