Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Nightmares #5

The first two included me being cool and calm. The other three have been less lovely. Last night I was trying to write my vows the day of. I thought I had enough time but then kept getting interrupted and could not for the life of me commit anything to paper. I also had a horribly hideous yellow dress that made me either look 30 lbs heavier or I actually was 30lbs heavier. In the dream I thought, "Oh no! Mom was right. A non traditional wedding dress was a mistake!" And then I woke up and realized what I'm wearing isn't that dress. I mean, it's not Vera but it's not nightmare yellow either.

I told my Mom this dream (minus the part about her being right about the dress. *giggle*) and she said she had a wedding nightmare last night where she came around the corner and someone had hacked off the tops of all our cherry trees (we have about 4) and left these mangled stumps. Hahaha! We always wonder where I get some of these things from and well, all signs point to Mom. Sorry Mom! :)

Also, our friends (and couple) C/G were in this dream too. They've now popped up in 2 of the 5 wedding related dreams. Ha!


  1. I dreamed I was being chases by a juvenile lion cub at a museum in Lincoln City.

  2. But they got rid of their lions! And Lincoln City has no museums! And they've changed their name to Newport Dos City! I WANT TO GO HOME!