Saturday, April 10, 2010

Table Analysis

This table from Kim and Matt's wedding (see credits at bottom of post) is a good one to analyze. Round tables are tough. This one is done well.

First off, they are using 10 table settings, which we will probably use. So, sorry guys in advance for cramping you a bit.

They are using 6 colors:

Blue: linens (napkins, table cloth)
Brown: chairs, table mats
Yellow: flowers
White: dishes, flowers
Red: ribbon around tall vase and favors
Green: folliage

You might also say that they are using 8 colors and include tin and clear glass (vases and glass ware). They are pulling colors so that your eye doesn't get stuck at the white of the plates. It travels in through the smaller plates and up through the tallest point of the table: the flowers.

It really is nice design. Good use of circles as a repeating element. Table to plates to smaller plates to ring of napkins. That ring of napkins is great. And then the two bursts of color with the yellow. You haven't seen the yellow until that point. And the red ribbon makes it so your eyes don't get stuck at the favors.

I also like that they don't have one single vase of flowers but the two smaller ones as well.

This brings up a major downside of not having a color theme. In the end, ours won't look this put together and that's fine. It's part of our bigger choices about the wedding day. But I'm still up for learning as much as I can about how to put things together visually. I showed Mom a picture of what I was trying this weekend and she said that I had too much of the same value. I used the dark purple flowers for the test bouquet and it totally got lost in the brown table cloth. Here's another down side of using a bunch of colors to make things: you have to make more individual decisions. So for us now, b/c we don't have a mass of one color of something, we can't just say "Red here. White accents. Done!" We can't make general decisions and have them work across the entire wedding. Each table now has to have its own decision because each table will have different colors of flowers.

Oooops. Something I hadn't considered. Yet again. Lesson learned! (Probably not :)

Photography: Kelley and Todd Whittaker
Events: Event Jubilee
Via: Style Me Pretty galleries.

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