Monday, April 19, 2010


They are so close to being done I can TASTE it! Taste what you may ask? VICTORY!

OK, I'm being a little hyperbolic but it's in my blood, literally genetic, to stop projects 80% through. So to have a giant project that feels 80% complete during its entire run was a reeeeally good workout for my brain.

Also, I have to say that when I opened them up and saw the work friends had done it made my heart a little warm. I wanted to draw arrows and little notes to the guests who would receive them, "Clare constructed that," "Tarah glued that," "Nikola stamped that," "Emily did that." My sisters. Everyone. So much folding and cutting and gluing went into these suckers and they are fat little packages of lovely.

So thank you all for all your help (both physical and mental) on the invitations. We're weighing one for postage this afternoon and they are going in the mail tomorrow morning.

And then we can start decorating the reception!!!! Who's ready for THAT?!

(And now I've used my exclamation marks and incorrect capitalization of letters for the day.)

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