Monday, April 19, 2010

Table and Escort Display (via Green Weding Shoes)

This photoshoot has a lot of elements that my sort of dream wedding would. Hmm...actually I don't like the term dream wedding. It has a lot of elements I think would be cool to incorporate into a wedding or party.

I love the escort card set up. I love the wire (I really love wire and would love to find places to use it.) Paper flowers. (Oh you guys reading this are probably getting hand cramps just *thinking* about fabric flowers :)
I think the colors on the table are pretty fantastic as well. The blue table cloth really sets the tone and I'm beginning to think that blue will play a bigger role in our wedding than I first thought. Hmmmm.....

Over all design: Alison EventsBrown Paper Design
Flowers: Brown Paper Design
Photography: Jose Villa
Paper: Hello! Lucky
(Blog Trail: Green Wedding Shoes via Delight by Design.)

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