Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dance or Not to Dance (oh and balloons)

When I find myself pondering, I mean really deliberating, such deep questions as the one above I get uncomfortable about the whole wedding thing. I'll leave THAT issue to another post but Z and I are debating the dance thing. I love to dance. So do a lot of my friends. Z does not love to dance. Neither do a lot of his friends. I'd always assumed that a wedding means dancing. Sometimes that is a great thing (EMILY and JOHN!!!) and sometimes that's not a great thing. OK, so I've never actually been to a wedding where the dancing was lame. But it's one of those things that in my mind could seem really forced. And everyone fears the empty dance floor.

Last summer Z and I went to a wedding where there was no dancing. Instead the younger group of the wedding joked away the evening drinking and marshmallow roasting around a fire pit next to a river. It. Was. Awesome. Also kind of liberating. You mean we don't need to have dancing?

Z and I are loving the fire pit idea. But I still kind of like the idea of dancing as well. We don't want them too close because we want the people at the fire pit to feel like they can actually have a conversation without yelling. So this morning in my sick haze (putdownyourdietsodamustdrinkwater!) I realized my parents' living room would be the perfect dance floor. Aaaand that gives me a reason to fill the ceiling with balloons that have little silver hearts (or Z&K letters) and beads dangling down.

I'd like to think that the idea went: "Hey we can dance in my parents' living room. How would we decorate that? Oh balloons with hanging things!!"

But really it went like: "Balloons with hanging things would be cool. Where could you put THAT in an outside wedding? Too bad we're not using the living room. Hey we could use the living room for dancing!"

So now there is a dancing possibility AND another room full of installation potential.

Welcome to Z's hell.


  1. The dance floor will not be empty if I'm there.


    Yes, the fire pit idea was wonderful and as I told said bride, I was bummed I didn't get to hang out longer. Honestly, whenever I think of weddings, I think of dancing, but never did I *once* feel like I was deprived because of said fire pit. I really liked the idea.

    And I like your balloon idea. Need a helper?

  2. Yes! Oh you shall be helping Ms.R. Also, I think it'd be cool if they were all butterflies (even though let me repeat I do not fancy generally butterflies.) Or if someone had a bird theme they could hand little paper birds in "flight."

  3. You know, I'm not a big fan of butterflies either, but man, do they make beautiful decorations.