Thursday, July 9, 2009

Single Minded

How does one not spend all their time talking about a wedding? I mean, if I spend all my time thinking about a wedding, it's hard to pull other thoughts out of there and thread them into conversations. Maybe I should put myself on a diet of 30 minutes of NPR a day. Just so I have back up.

I joked with Zach that I should plan a party while planning the wedding. But what I really need to do is plan a feature film. Or maybe a short film. Or maybe start taking night classes on accounting. I don't know. Just SOMETHING that isn't wedding related. Because pre-wedding I did, to be fair, spend a lot of time thinking about things like paper and fabric. And I still do...but it all morphs into wedding. If I mention something crafty and it's not wedding, Z gives me this look and I can hear his brain saying, "Wait for it. Waaaait for it."

I've started just announcing "Wedding Trouble" before I launch into anything wedding related. Just so he knows I'm not trying to sneak one by him.

But I don't want to become that person who discusses nothing but one thing. And also, more importantly, like any event, the wedding will at some point be over. I can keep obsessing about wedding-related stuff afterwards, but I don't want to have had all my energy wrapped up into one single thing that by Sept 1, 2010 will be over. I think honey moons work as a way to translate back into real world after wedding world has ended. I need some other things to pull me through as well (especially because I don't think we're having a honey moon). Now I've just go to figure out what they are...and make sure I can't some how turn them into a party favor or a decoration.


  1. I say an engagement party like the New Years, Valentine's and Halloween. It could be your "dry run" for some wedding favor stuff . . . That's my vote =)

    (that's also my way of seeing Jess and Amy again =)


  2. Wait, so am I planning three additional parties or a single engagement party with decorations? (ha!)