Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Nightmares

If you know me very well at all you know this: I have very active dreams. Very. Active. Mostly they are either nightmares or stress dreams and usually involve me being chased by a rebel army or trying to find that one pair of socks while flights keep taking off without me. If I get over 6 hours of sleep, my night will involve some sort of zombie, alien, or car chase. But in all these years of crazy dreams, I've never had a stress dream about a wedding. Well, my brain has discovered a new source of nighttime fun. The wedding nightmare.

Now these stress dreams may involve my wedding or they may (as started last night) involve other peoples' weddings. But I find it fascinating that after 10 years of nightmares, zero of which were wedding related, my brain has made this thematic jump.

No, thank YOU, random firing whatevers.

It makes me wonder how my brain gets its source material. I get nervous about missing flights, sure, but I've never actually had to drive my car along a Sudanese hwy knowing a rebel group was ahead. Quick double check? Oh, right, never.

So why now? I mean the obvious answer is because now I'm part of wedding planning. But this isn't a brain leap of huge proportions. I guess I'm less surprised about the 6 wedding related nightmares in the past 3 weeks than the fact that I've never had this as part of the nighttime fodder before getting engaged.

Oh God. Imagine the nightmares if we ever get pregnant.



  1. So what was the stressful part? That I made you walk in super high heels, my family was white, or I was a bitch?

  2. Hahaha. No the stressful part is you kept dragging me to all these events with people I didn't know (and knew I wouldn't like.) And just for the record, I would LOVE to go to all those events with your real family. This Andrea Dream family was not great. Also, seriously. Heels!