Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Guest List

Day 3 and I'm already starting to feel the quiet rub of conflict. I got the issue with my Mother straightened out (and she knew and agreed with what I was saying even before I had finished it. Go Mom!) But now. Oh now...the guest list. Harsh reality swoops down.

Ideally, we'd invite anyone and everyone. Last night we scribbled names down onto paper and came up with a whopping 190 guest list. That quickly translates into a lot of food ($) and a lot of bodies (space.) The former is easier to calculate than the latter. How will that many bodies fit in my parents' yard? I'm realizing that what I saw in my mind was really a smallish wedding.

I keep telling Z that this is the hardest part. Once we decide on the who (with consideration to the monetary and space implications) we will feel freer in everything else. I keep telling Z this but maybe I need to really tell myself.

There are no good and bad ways to do this. There's just what we decide.

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  1. Good for you (about mom.) I guess disregard the previous post, hee hee!