Monday, July 13, 2009

How could I make that flower?

Our wedding will probably have very few cut flowers. When you're having a wedding on a super budget the things you don't care a ton about are the first thing to go. Neither of us has very strong feelings on flowers so...

However. That doesn't stop me from loving what I see on blogs all over. But mostly I'm looking at them with one single thought in my head: Can I make that out of paper or fabric? Some flowers translate well. Some don't. And if I want to make all the table arrangements I need flowers that aren't killer complex. (So for example, the orchids I was trying to make are going straight into the garbage can :)

I've done a fair amount of paper/fabric flower construction over the last few months. I'm still in the experimental phase and need to refocus on this. Ideally I'd like to figure out a bunch that work well together, figure out how to teach other people to make them, and then have a construction party with a ton of wine and many pairs of good scissors.

(Image source Martha Stewart found via Miss Labrador on WeddingBee.)

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