Monday, August 17, 2009

Eyes Fried Wide Shut

So the title of the post I think emphasizes that my caffeine to sleep ratio isn't a good one. I've tried to stay off of wedding blogs for the past 3 days while I work on a stop motion project. The amount of gluing, painting and cutting I've done in the last few days seems like a lot but I know it will be nothing compared to the campaign that begins once this project is over. (Bwuahahaha.) (Also, Andrea we need to start an official list of movies to watch during crafting.)

BUT I'm now totally and completely excited for the wedding. Z and I walked the yard last night and I told him my ideas. He liked everything and his only criticism was that I had food too far from guests. He was absolutely right and I like the switch. Now we just need to figure out what flowers would be, well, not absolutely dead come this time next year. The yard really is still beautiful but so much is brown. There are only ahand full of flowers that are in their prime. Most are decaying blossoms.

It's theoretically 90 out there today but there is a touch of fall in the air. You can see a shift in the light. I'll miss summer. Driving home last night at midnight I remembered just slightly what it's like driving home at 5pm in the dark and rain. But I'm thrilled for fall. The blogs are starting to shift fall ward and all the teachers I know are prepping their classrooms. It's a beautiful time of the summer and one I normally dislike due to heat. This year however I'm looking at it and falling in love. It's going to come to symbolize a lot, and just like I came into loving my engagement ring, I'm beginning to love more the idea of a mid August wedding.