Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Progess Check 1

Weekly look at the progress I'm making (or not making.)

Save the dates-
Have fronts almost completely designed with one exception (flags vs stamps).
Need to make or buy envelopes (I like the idea of making them but we shall see)
Need to collect addresses

Have begun on design sketches

Measured the yard and I have:

164.5 ft w/o the ceremony lawn
360 ft of the ceremony lawn by itself (60 feet on both sides time 3 tiers)
whopping total 524.5ft or 174.83 yards.

So if that's 5 flags per yard (which it should probably be more) that's 875 flags.

Right now I have probably 100, maybe more cut out. This is TOTALLY doable!

Playing with design ideas

Bouquets/boutonnieres- Nothing

Tables- flowers, decorations, etc
Have some beginning attempts scattered through our dining/livingroom

Favors (a label)-Nothing

2 Installations
Collecting ideas

photobooth- Nothing

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