Friday, August 28, 2009

Thumbprint Tree (via Grey Likes Weddings Blog)

I LOVE this idea! How great is it! And then when all the guests have gone home and all the thank you cads written, they have this beautiful poster to remind them of all that love. Fantastic! The artwork (and I'm guessing idea) was done by the bride, Cassie. Check out her other cool handiwork on Grey Likes Weddings Blog.


  1. The art looks beautiful . . . but I can't tell what its about. Sorry, feeling fuzzy today.

  2. It's simple (and awesome): I think it's sort of instead of a guest book. It's a large piece of paper where Cassie drew a tree. Then people filled in the folliage with their thumb prints.

  3. Oh I get it. For some reason I thought the "guests" got the guest book. It is now clear, and awesome for sure!