Monday, August 24, 2009

A Plan

Last night I mapped out the DIY component to Aug 14th (The Day). It's amazing the difference between having ideas swimming around in your head vs a piece of paper. Concrete. What has seemed so intangible and overwhelming now seems totally possible.

Here's the list (in order of importance):

Save the dates
Tables- flowers, decorations, etc
Favors (a label)
2 Installations

What's already proved great about this is that I have a lot of installation ideas and now every time one comes up I can say to myself, "That would be great. Is it one of the two?" Maybe in the end it is. Maybe in the end it isn't.

Chandelier? Maybe yes maybe no.
Card wrack with thank you letters? Maybe yes maybe no.
Giant chalkboard? Maybe yes maybe no.

Oh damn. In the time Ive written this I've realized I've needed to add 2 more things to the list: photo booth and escort cards. Although maybe we can just make the programs the escort cards. Oh, and also behind the altar and around the bathroom. OK. I see where this is going. Well, that's why I have the list. I will figure out where those go on the priorities list.

Also, in the spirit of organization and keeping to a schedule, probably once a week (every other week?) I'm going to post my list and keep track of where I am in each. That's proved really useful other places.

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